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This is the ultimate ‘Eraser Fix’ that guarantees cooler running and long time reliability. The most effective way to combat RROD at an affordable price.

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This is the ultimate ‘Eraser Fix’ that guarantees cooler running and long time reliability. The most effective way to combat RROD at an affordable price. Thermal Conductive Pads Quantity: 4 pads (25x25x4 mm) Colour: Gray Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 4 mm. Thermal Conductivity: 3.2 W/m.k Working Temperature: – 40 to + 200°C Insulation Resistance: 1017 Ohms Adhesive on one side only. If you own an XBox 360, you may, sooner or later experience the dreaded Red Ring of Death (RROD). If your XBox 360 is out of warranty then you need to act NOW and prevent a possible RROD situation. This modification is essential for all XBox 360 consoles.

The pads are big enough to cut and provide cooling to the 4 ram chips underneath the circuit board, providing hard contact between the bottom case and transporting heat from the ram chips and the circuit board and using the metal case as a heat sink. We experienced the dreaded RROD after a couple of years of Xbox 360 ownership and like many others, searched for answers on the internet and eventually solved the problem. The fix that worked for me is known as the Eraser Fix.

However, the Eraser Fix is not the ideal answer as rubber is a poor conductor of heat. It is an inexpensive but rather primitive fix, and the thermal conductive pads provide the most elegant and efficient solution that exists. As a result of our experience with the XBox 360, we decided to look into ways of improving the cooling of the GPU and the circuit board itself. Our experiments show that there are significant improvements with the thermal conductive pads we are offering. We have measured at least 6 degree Centigrade higher temperature on the bottom part of the metal case, meaning that the cirucuit board is running at a lower temperature.

In short, this is the best solution for your XBox 360 overheating problems which may result in RROD. Here are some temperatures recorded before and after the installation of the thermal conductive pads. Temperatures were taken after 1 hour or more, playing Forza Motorsport 2:

Top of the case open. Bottom Part of the metal case around the GPU temperatures recorded measured between 38.6 to 40.3° C after fitting the TC Pads 48-49° C. See picture showing Fluke 189 displaying 49.1° C. Around the CPU area on the bottom metal case was around 34.7 to 35.1° C. After fitting the TC Pads it was 40.5 to 41.5° C. What is most important is to transfer as much heat as possible, away from the circuit board and use the metal case of the XBox 360 act as a giant heatsink.

The idea is to raise the case heat and lower the circuit board heat. This has the added benefit of lowering the GPU heatsink temperature. Circuit board temperatures, very close to the heat sink area of both GPU and CPU were taken after at least an hour of playing Forza Motorsport 2. The range recorded around the GPU 40-49° C before fitting the TC Pads. Around the CPU the circuit board temperature varied between 38.2 and 42.9° C. After installing the TC Pads the temperature around the GPU varied between 38 to 40° C. The area around the CPU varied between 34 to 36° C. The GPU heatsink temperature reached 61° to 73° C before fitting the TC Pads. After the fitting of TC Pads the GPU temperature remained stable at around 59.5° to 63° C.

Since the heat problem with the XBox 360 is mainly due to insufficient heatsink area for the GPU, the improvements made by the TC Pads seems very wothwhile. All measurements were taken with a Fluke 189 and a K type thermocouple. The data clearly shows that the Thermal Conductive Pads are doing their job by sinking the heat from the board and the chips into the metal case and therefore keeping both the GPU as well as the CPU and the circuit board around the GPU running cooler which is exactly what is needed with the XBox 360. There is some scepticism around the ERASER FIX.

However, most RROD problems can be fixed with this simple and effective method. In our view this modifaction should be adopted by all XBox 360 users as it will prolong the life of the XBox and prevent the RROD from becoming a problem, as the metal case is used as a massive heat sink which the GPU lacks as the DVD drive prevents the use of a large heat sink. This is an amazingly simple modifaction which you will be delighted with, just as we were.

Irrespective of the type of fault you may have or even a perfectly working XBox 360 should have this mod carried out if you want to avoid RROD. There are many XBox 360 RROD fixes all over the internet. The so called Eraser Fix is an effective fix. The Thermal Conductive Pad Fix is the ultimate Eraser type fix that will ensure long term reliability and use the metal case as a heat sink to reduce the circuit board temperatures and keep your XBox 360 cooler and running faster for longer.

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