King Pan & Insat Li-ion Ebike Battery Chargers (29.4V, 42.0V, 54.6V, 84.0V)


We are proud to offer our new range of lithium ion chargers for lithium ion ebike or other batteries.

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Lithium ion has a nominal voltage of 3.7V (sometimes quoted as 3.6V), but cells are charged to a maximum of 4.20V which is why the charge voltage is greater than the quoted battery voltage. To calculate the charger voltage, all you have to do is to multiply the number of series strings in any battery.

Typically a 24V li-ion battery has 7 series strings (7S). Multiplying 7 x 4.20= 29.4V 36V li-ion battery has 10 series strings and multiplying 10 x 4.20 = 42V and similarly 48V has 13 series strings and multiplying 13 x 4.20 = 54.6V The chargers are guaranteed for 1 year. King Pan is one of China’s premier charger companies and are built to last.

We believe they are outstanding quality and beautifully made with high quality materials. King Pan chargers CE & ROHS Certified. We have a lot more chargers coming soon including 14S, 58.8V 2A chargers. Watch this space…

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