K Type Class 1 Thermocouple 40 Gauge Ultimate Sensitivity TC for BGA Reworking


Our Ultimate 40 Gauge (0.0798mm) K-type thermocouple with unrivalled sensitivity and response. It is the finest gauge Omega thermocouple wire with remarkable accuracy.


Our Ultimate 40 Gauge (0.0798mm) K-type thermocouple with unrivaled sensitivity and response. It is the finest gauge Omega thermocouple wire with remarkable accuracy. This is an essential item for accurate and fast temperature measurements when reworking a PCB. This version uses 0.08mm thick TC wire and is thin enough to be pushed under the BGA. Avoid blistering pop corning your BGA packages by simply placing the TC bead directly onto the BGA surface using high temperature tape.

Unlike other TCs this featherlight TC will stay put where it is placed and will accurately report the package surface temperature so that you will know when it is time to reduce the temperature to below 250°C which is the maximum safe package surface temperature. This item is compatible with any rework machine using K-type thermocouples. This includes Jovy RE-7500, Achi IR6000, and many others. Being a very thin thermocouple, it is possible to position the thermocouple bead much nearer the BGA than similar devices. This guarantees a more accurate temperature reading due to being nearer the target device. Also it is a known fact that exposed bead thermocouples are the most responsive of all. Due to its small diameter, the response time of this device is as good as it gets and securely taping it to the PCB with kapton or reflective tape is that much easier and more secure than with thicker TC wires.

This is a MUST item for better reworking and increased temperature accuracy. The most desirable way to use this TC is by directly taping it to the BGA itself to be able to monitor the package surface temperature. Due to its featherlight weight the TC does not cause any unwanted forces acting on the BGA during the liquidus state of the solder balls as even small forces may cause the BGA to become misaligned.

The maximum package temperature of most BGA devices is typically 250°C and unless a TC is placed directly on the BGA, there is every possibility that this critically important temperature may be exceeded with the net result of a blistered or popcorned device. Being able to measure the package temperature accurately will greatly reduce the risk of overheating the BGA. It is also possible to be able to determine the solder joint temperature which is typically 3-5°C below the package temperature depending on the weight, size, thickness and ball count of the BGA. Minimum solder joint temperature for a lead-free package is recommended to be 235°C and the maximum 250°C. With our 40 gauge ultra sensitive TC now you can be in total control of the process temperatures with virtually no risk of damaging your BGA packages.

Time Constants

Time constant is a measure of thermal response time. This is in fact an indication of how fast a sensor responds to temperture changes. Time response is defined as the time it takes to reach 63% of a step temperature change. It takes roughly 5 time constants to obtain a steady state reading. Furthermore the response of a TC is a function of the mass of the sensor. Fast response is essential for accuracy in a system with fast temperature changes. The physical size and design dictates the response times.

Best response time is achieved when the TC probe is in very intimate contact with the surface to be measured. For BGA work, using adhesive aluminium reflective tape to place the TC is an excellent and convenient choice. The response time of a low thermal mass sensor such as this device is at least 10 times faster than a TC with a 1mm diameter TC wire. The smaller the diameter of the sensing bead, the faster the response time Our TC uses top grade British made TC plugs and Class 1 Omega Thermocouple Cable. We are determined to give the rework engineer the best tools for the job at affordable prices.

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