Jovy Systems iSolder-40 Soldering Station [JV-SSS]


Jovy ‘s soldering station is a moderate-sized soldering station with ESD Safe design which conserves lab bench space.

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  • Jovy’s i-solder 40 is a simple soldering station that uses the iControl technology with a fashionable design and superb performance.
  • The hand piece of the i-Solder 40 is insulated and ergonomic and is designed for easy operation and safe use.  This hand piece allows for the use of a wide selection of soldering tips.
  • Jovy’s i-solder 40 enjoys the easiest operating method ever used in any soldering station.


There are 2 operation modes and you can switch between the two modes through the toggle button embedded in the device. From the following, select your preferred option to operate your i-solder 40:

 Pure iControl mode:


iControl senses the increase of the rate of heat dissipation and applies very fast and complicated algorithms to keep increasing or decreasing the temperature of the tip according to the soldering joint thermal requirement.


2) User customised mode:


Define your required temperature range to suit your own work experience, tip type and sort of your applications.

USB port to connect isolder-40 to PC for adjusting your needed temperature range. Better still, auto sleep mode and power saving mode are implemented to guarantee safety, save power, protect the tip and increase its shelf life.

i-solder 40 uses iControl Technology to provide a precise and variable thermal energy to the tip-TC based – in a few seconds without overshooting or any calibration, which ensures a well-controlled soldering process. For a better understanding of Jovy’s soldering station i-solder 40, let’s have an in-depth look at its 



iControl soldering technology maintains a variable power for variable temperature:

It depends mainly on hot/cold conjunction: when the hot tip touches the cold joint on the application, the embedded sensor in the hot tip senses the amount of heat dissipated due to this contact, then sends its signals to the control core processor to estimate precisely the needed heating power for this contact to be melted.

If the joint requires excess power to reach its melting point, the iControl processor calculates that quickly and supplies the heating element with more power in order to melt the joint as fast as possible. When there is no heat dissipation, iControl senses this and dwells the power supply.

When the iControl senses no dissipation or thermal variation, a countdown of pre-programmed time starts to initiate the Sleep Mode.  As part of the sleep mode feature integration, iControl can force a Power Saving Mode.

The iControl processor delivers the exact amount for heat without overshoots.

This perfect soldering station will make your soldering process extremely successful.



Technical specifications

Input Voltage 120 /230 Volt
Output Voltage 24 VAC
Temperature Range 200 – 420 °C
Temperature Stability +/- 2 °C
Power Consumption 50 Watts
Dimensions (L*W*H) mm. 188 x 144 x 120 mm.
Power cord length (Plug type) 1.8 meters
Led Indicator YES
Buzzer YES
Firmware Upgrade YES
Weight 3 KGs


Hand piece technical specifications

Tip-to-Ground Potential  
< 2 mV
Tip-to-Ground Resistance < 2 Ohm
Hand piece cord Length 1.5 meters
Hand piece Length
158 mm


Packing list:

1. i-solder 40 machine
2. Main tip
3. Hand piece holder
4. Cleaning sponge
5. Protective pad
6. Power cable
7. User manual
8. Start up guide in 6 different languages and visual manual


Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg


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