Jovy RE-8500 Dark Infrared BGA Rework Station


The purchase includes FREE, 4-hour IR Training on the Jovy RE-8500!

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The purchase includes FREE, 4-hour IR Training on the Jovy RE-8500!

Insat International are the exclusive agents for Jovy Systems products in the UK. Only machines imported by Insat will have official UK warranty cover. You will need to return your item to the original source for any warranty related issues if not bought from Insat International.

Jovy Systems will void the warranty of illegally imported machines from resellers outside the UK.
Any Jovy RE-8500 bought from unofficial sellers DO NOT carry any warranty from the official distributor or Jovy Systems.

* BGA rework Multiple profiling options (standard lead-free, standard leaded and user define).

* Wide lower heating area (500mmx 450mm).

* Three channels thermocouple real time temperature reading.

* Process & profile analyzer for complete process study and control.

* Accurate temperature readings of +/- 2°C.

* Alarm set point to increase the process safety and control.

* Equipped with many types of reflectors for focusing and spotting the upper heater heating area.

* Password protection for data and settings lock.

* High ramp preheating and reflow up to 2.5°C/sec.

* Optimum heating with 3 controlled heating zones.

* Ideal application cooling phase in two methods optionally direct and indirect air flow, adjustable airflow power fan.

* All Windows multi lingual OS. Specifications Dimensions 520mm x 600mm x 310mm Working Depth 220 mm Power Supply 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz,16 A Installed heating power Total 3600 Watt. Upper heater power is 600W & Lower heaters power are 3000W Upper Heater size 60mm x 120 mm one zone Bottom heater size 340mm x 280mm, 2 separate heating zones

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