Jovy iSolder-40 Soldering Tips


JV-TP1 Tip For Solder Station ( Length 10 – Diameter .5) JV-TP2 Tip for Solder Station (Length 10 – Diameter 2.4) JV-TP3 Tip for Solder Station (Length 9.5 – Diameter .2) JV-TP4 Tip For Solder Station (Length 11.5 – Diameter 2.1) JV-TP5 Tip For Solder Station (Length 8 – Diameter 5.2 JV-TP6 Tip For Solder Station (Length 15 – Diameter 4.7)

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Tip care guide for longer life time:

Clean the tip by wiping it with a wet sponge and slightly drag it out after each use.

Never use excessive mechanical force for the tip when soldering.

Soldering tip oxidation should quickly be cleaned and removed; it negatively affects the tip sensitivity.

Use the wire mesh to remove bulk solder materials remaining over the tip after each usage.

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