Insat Li-NMC/LiFePO4, eBike Battery 10-15Ah, 24V, 36V, 48V – Prices start from £195.00!


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24V 10Ah : 2.624 Kg

36V 10Ah:  3.324 Kg
48V 10Ah:  4.0 Kg

* 39 x 7.3 x 11.5 cm
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There is a growing number of ev manufacturers who are opting for Li-NMC battery technology and the list is constantly growing.
Zero eMotorbikes have changed from LiMnO2 to NMC (sometimes called NCM too). Nissan uses NMC in their electric cars. Due its high current discharge capability, when demand for higher current is required, it is instantly available for better torque and hence better acceleration.
Our batteries use pouch cells which can pack more energy density and weigh a lot less than cylindrical cells. Electrochemically, NMC is superior to LifePO4 in terms of energy density. The chemistry is increasingly seen as a viable alternative solution to LiFePO4 for high energy density packs for electric vehicles. LiFePO4 does have better life cycle and that is its strength.
In our estimation, the two most desirable chemistries are NMC and LiFePO4 for ev applications. In a matter of weeks, we will also be listing our range of LiFePO4 eBike batteries made for Insat by OptimumNano, one of China’s largest ev, HEV, PHEV battery manufacturers.
Our batteries are guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase.
Each battery comes complete with a 2A charger and is designed to be used with the NMC chemistry. We have also included the discharge plug with a short cable to connect to your eBike motor.
Here is a news item before the launch of Formula E racing:

The battery for the Formula E race car will be an LG Chem lithium-ion battery, BEST understands.

The battery system, designed by Williams Advanced Engineering will go into the cars driven by the ten teams, will feature a lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) battery produced by LG Chem.

If it is good enough or a Formula E race car, surely it is good enough for an e-bike. 

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