Honton HT-R392 Hot Air BGA Rework Station


Honton HT-R392 Hot Air BGA Rework Station

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1. The HT-R392 includes one preheating function, enabling you to neatralise the humidity of the PCB before reworking which can help improve your success rate.

2. It includes a movable PCB holder which can be moved freely from left to right, thus helping make BGA chip alignment much more easier.

3. Other functions are as the same as HT-R390 as below: It is made up of three temperature zones: two are hot air and one infrared. The temperature controller, PLC and heater of the HT-R390 are made of high-precision material which can control the reworking process precisely. HT-R392 is with three independently controlled temperature zones:

The first and second temperature zone can be set 8 segment (up/ down) temperature profiles and 8 constant temperature profile. And the BGA rework station can save 10 different temperature profiles total. The third one is preheating zone to ensure the the PCB get full heat during reworking process. HT-R392 can be connected to computer with built-in PC RSS serial port and comes with the software CD. The temperature profiles for top and bottom heating are going independently when the HT R392 is in working , and the cross-flow fan can help to cool the PCBA rapidly to protect the deformation of PCBA happen.

High precision temperature thermocouple can feel the actual temperature precisely. HT R392 with alarm function to make you inform the finishing of the desoldering and soldering process, and it also with a vacuum suction pen to help to remove the chips. HT-R392 is designed with a V-groove with a flexible movable fixture to protect the deformation of the PCB. HT-R392 can be used to repair PCB with high temperature demand or lead free reworking.

The Hot air nozzles can be rotated 360 degrees, easy to replace.They have a variety of sizes, special requirements can be customised. HT-R392 BGA rework station can repair motherboard for laptop, desktop motherboards, and other large circuit board repair, and mobile phones and other micro-chip board service.

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