Graphene Composite Power Bank. Fully Recharged in 18 Minutes


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Fastest Recharging & slimmest Power Bank ever!

* Recharge 13x Faster: Time for a full recharge is reduced to 18mins. Thanks to Power Delivery Input (60W) and Super Low internal Resistance Graphene Composite Battery.

* Huge Charging Power: High-speed charging for phones, tablets and USB-C notebooks. Boasts 1 USB C in Power Delivery (45W) and 1 USB A port in QC3.0 (18W).

* Long-lasting Durability: Compare to the life cycle of regular battery cell, which is 300~500 times, Apollo Traveller’s Graphene Composite Battery can charge 8,000 times in the same situation and 1,500 times in high speed charging situation.

* Superior Safety:With the exclusive JetSafe technology, Apollo Traveller can release 10% more capacity than other power bank without overheating problem.


Recharging mobile devices is a necessary evil, and the Elecjet Apollo Traveller can help take away some of that pain with an impressive 18-minute recharge time. Though it can’t actually make your phone charge any quicker, its 45W USB-C output is faster than most. This 5,000mAh power bank will offer most phones one full charge, and some (such as iPhones) up to two charges. It is expensive, and with the necessary wall adaptor and shipping to the UK you’re looking at about £70 all in, but it’s worth it for the convenience it adds, should you be able to stretch your budget this far.

The ultra-slim graphene power bank with an impressive recharging speed of 18 minutes, allows you to charge up your phones without running out of power. Extra points to its portability and slim design help you easily carry it around anywhere. The features of Apollo traveller makes it the perfect partner for your phone! 


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