Enerdel & Kokam Lithium Li-ion Battery 17Ah-20Ah, 32Ah EV Pouch Cells


Top Quality Li-ion Pouch Cells from Enerdel (Enertech), and Kokam for demanding EV applications

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Top Quality Li-ion Pouch Cells from Enerdel (Enertech), and Kokam for demanding EV applications

The cells have been capacity checked and the ampere/hours are printed as well as the internal resistance value.

The Enerdel Cells have the following details:

17-18.5Ah 251106001A
18.5-20Ah 151105203A

The cells were made for a project that was cancelled and were disposed of to a large Chinese distributor. The cells were made in mid-2013 but were kept in storage at below 10℃ and the cells were maintained regularly at recommended storage voltage. The cells are as good as can be and fully guaranteed. Lifecycle for these cells are at least 2000 and we have been provided data by a contact at Enertech to product data that is closest to our cells. Due to the size and weight being slightly larger with our cells, we can safely assume that they will be better than the specifications below.

Ampere/hour tests prove the point that our cells are better than what is shown in the data. For improved lifecycling the data suggests using 4.10V CV charging voltage. However, our cells can be charged at the standard 4.20V even though 4.10V would considerably increase the lifecycles of the cell. You may use the lower voltage which will decrease the run time as the cell would charge to about 90% of its capacity

Tab width: 10mm
Tab length: 100mm


The image below shows the screen capture of the Enerdel 20Ah cell being charged, and its internal resistance curve and value. The internal resistance is shown to be 1.5mΩ.

The Kokam cell details that we could find are below:
Li-ion 3.7V 32Ah Prismatic cell
1 Model NO. SLPB60255255HR2
2 Japan
3 Material Li-ion
4 Nominal capacity 32Ah
5 Nominal Volt 3.7V
6 N.W 800g
7 Dimension for the cell body: 255x255x6mm
8 Dimension for the tabs 30x80mm
9 Dimension for the cell with tabs 285x255x6mm
10 Recommend Charge Rate 0.2-0.5C
11 Max. Charge Rate 1C
12 Recommend Continuous Discharge Rate 10C
13 Pulse Discharge Rate 20C
14 Working Charge Temp. 0~50°C
15 Working Discharge Temp. –20°C~50°C
16 Storage Temp. –20°C~50°C
17 Internal Resistance
≤1.5mΩ ( Tested with the 1000Hz
Cell Thickness: 6mm, width: 255mm, height:255 (excluding tabs)
Tab width: 80mm
Tab height: 30mm
The internal resistance was measured on several different analysers and were found to be well below 1.5mΩ.

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